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Sunbrick is a small burial ground near Swarthmoor now in Cumbria NW England. Margaret Fell was buried here in 1702 after she had helped to found the religious movement known as Quakers who hold the belief that God is present in all people so it is unacceptable to kill human beings or to promote war for any reason whatsoever.

But what can we say if we look at the world now over 400 years since her death - how fares humanity in its search for peace, happiness and justice? 

The Preparing for Peace project of which War No More is the successor heard from world experts on modern warfare. They gave evidence that from their experience problems, disagreements and grievances between countries, peoples and communities can no longer be resolved by armed conflict. Modern warfare shows time and again that armed conflict does not resolve problems, it causes casualties increasingly of civilians and innocents, wastes lives and wastes resources. It merely stores up more grievance for the future. 

Warfare merely postpones the time when problems are resolved by negotiation or reconciliation.

While our Preparing For Peace (PfP) project was nearing its conclusions the Iraq War commenced which subsequently proved yet again what the experts in PfP said: modern warfare cannot be contained and the vast number of casualties are of non-combatants. Whatever the original objective in commencing the war the resulting chaos far exceeds the nature of the original problem or reason for conflict.

The carnage in Syria and in much of North Africa is exacerbated by bombing and interference by other states, which is leading not to resolution but is transferring massive humanitarian problems to neighbouring states and committing desperate people to forced migration and trafficking.

We commenced this War No More Website at the commemoration of WW1, The War to end Wars, and it is shameful to report more than a year later that the drive in far too many parts of the world is for more armed conflict and confrontation, not less, and there are hardly any authoritative voices being heard that emphasise the need for peaceful ways of resolving conflict.

Most people everywhere were against the Iraq War. They were right before that war and have been proven right since. People everywhere want to live in peace. Leaders who take their peoples into war are betraying them.  Such leaders show their weakness, not strength, and their weakness of brain and intellect by not resolving problems by negotiation and reconciliation.

Progress toward a happy, prosperous and harmonious world can only lie with the peacemakers: not the bullies, not the ignorant, not the warmongers. 

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November 14th, 2015  

"Sunbrick Sam" 

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