War No More - Forum Rules

Welcome to the War No More Forum. This forum offers:

As a guest you can read most of what we have to say. As a member of the forum you can read even more and contribute your own thoughts. If you decide to register with us, you can do so by raising a valid user name and email address and a password. We welcome all guests and readers of the forum. But like all forums we do sometimes get invaded by undesirable characters who only register for malicious or mischievous reasons. To counter this we do ask new Forum Members to use their real name, at least as a signature to posts, and declare their rough. As a new Forum Member you will then be able to post to any thread, but your first two posts will go to a moderator first. This is just a safeguard to filter out spammers and trolls who make it past the first hurdle. If you do join us, why not introduce yourself here.

There are no restrictions on what you might want to discuss here as long as you abide by the Forum Guidelines:

Some posts (for example, those which are obscene, advocate violence, attempt to sell products or direct others to virus download sites) may be completely removed. The moderators will act to protect the forum community and if they consider it necessary, may prevent further contributions. Your voluntary agreement to participate in this forum includes acceptance of the decisions of the moderators in maintaining clear boundaries.