The Progress We Make Towards Peace

Can we do it? Yes we can!

Now for the Good News.

We can bring our world to peace! Defeatism and hopelessness ignores what we have achieved in a hundred years. Here are some of the things we as humans have worked towards over the last century.

  • Conflict Resolution and Just Policing
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Human Rights and Equality
  • Nuclear Weapons Limitation (Non-Proliferation)
  • Environmental Legislation
  • The Nobel Peace Prize
  • Overcoming ozone layer depletion
  • Use of armed forces for purely humanitarian purposes:
    • Royal Fleet Auxiliary Argus established as a floating Ebola treatment centre for Sierra Leone in 2014
    • US relief work in Haiti following the tornado in 2010

On the right are brief summaries. In the coming months we will describe and discuss further how these were achieved and what impact they have had on creating a more peaceful world.


    Conflict Resolution and Just Policing

    Even before the end of the Great War there were moves to understand what caused the war and how such war might be averted in the future. Since the end of the Great War the development of organisations like the League of Nations and the United Nations (however flawed in their structures) have helped us to reduce tension and manage conflict across the world. 

    We will try to focus on some of the successes and also, in discussing the failures, seek to understand what changes were wrought (or that still could be made) the better to manage conflict. For example, what are the cultural changes that have contributed to peace? If states are to try to police the world and keep the peace how could that be done without handing too much power to any particular state? What might "Just Policing" look like?

    Poverty Reduction

    Many people in the world are living in desperate poverty. What are the reasons for this and do states have a positive or negative role in contributing to their peoples' condition? What impact might this have on conflict? Does working to reduce poverty also promote a more peaceful society?


    Health and Wellbeing

    What general improvements in health and wellbeing have there been in the last hundred years? Which societies have benefitted the greatest in these improvements and are there significant inequalities? Would a more equitable spread of these changes help to promote peaceful societies?


    Human Rights and Equality

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 represents the first global expression of rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled. How was this achieved and what impact has it had on the global community? What changes in human rights (for example, universal suffrage) had there been in different societies between the wars? How may we show that actively working towards a fairer society and upholding basic human rights also promotes a more peaceful society?