War Today

The Modern Soldier In Action

First, the Bad News.

Despite the "War To End All Wars" we're still at it.

Just in the years since the Second World War there have been many violent conflicts across the globe costing the lives of many, many people. What are the drivers that fuel these conflicts? What are the impacts of these conflicts? We explore a number of themes, shown on the right.




Types of Warfare

Atomic bomb testing ("... and one bomb to rule them all ...")

In 1982 UK forces were engaged in fighting Argentinian forces in the South Atlantic. At the time the UK government were keen to avoid use of the word "war", instead calling it the "Falklands Conflict". So what do we mean by "war" and what types can we talk about?

There are a number of different types of warfare, (asymmetric warfare, chemical warfare, civil war, conventional warfare, globalizing war, nuclear warfare - incl nuclear materials used in conventional war, unconventional warfare - guerilla warfare/terrorism)


War's Influencers

Are there particular areas which influence and direct moves towards armed conflict? What objections are there; what moves towards more peaceful resolution?

• The Arms Trade

• Militarisation of society

• Population pressures and competition for resources

• State Management of Risk; Setting "Defence" Policies

War's Impacts

The deaths and injuries to soldiers, sailors and airmen are relatively easy to quantify. However, in what other ways does armed conflict affect communities involved?

• Atrocities

• Environmental effects (destruction and contamination)

• Economic effects

• Post Traumatic Stress (shell shock

• Civilian and non-combatant casualties