Dar al Shifa Hospital, Aleppo 

On 4 April 2014, barrel bombs killed about 50 people after being dropped on the Dalati Mosque and Dar al-Shifa Hospital of the Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo during peak times.

[photo: FreedomHouse/Flickr]

War's Impacts

It has been said that "The purpose of war is to destroy...".  Here we look at the legacy of war - the peoples places and things that war destroys. Here we see the impact that war has upon the earth, its inhabitants, its creatures.

> Atrocities

Armed conflicts often lead to excessive force, inhuman acts and atrocity. Such actions by one combatant can lead to retaliatory action by the other. The aftermath of such acts can fuel further conflict in the future.


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Environmental effects (destruction and contamination)

Economic effects

Post Traumatic Stress (shell shock)

Civilian and non-combatant casualties

In the opening years of the twenty-first century, despite the many problems associated with it, the legal category of the civilian has been the subject of considerable attention in public discourse, in the media and at the United Nations, and in justification of certain uses of armed force to protect endangered populations. It has (according to  Adam Roberts, in his paper "The Civilian in Modern War") "...lost none of its political, legal and moral salience."